The early years

Fascinated by the world of jewellery and precious stones from an early age, Jacopo quickly began to follow in the footsteps of his gem setter father, who passed on to him a passion for this profession. Following graduation, Jacopo attended design courses and was subsequently folded into the family business, experimenting with all the necessary production phases to craft jewels.


For more than four years, Jacopo gained significant experience in the jewellery shop of a master goldsmith. In addition to learning different craft techniques for the creation of jewellery, he began to appreciate the dialogue and synergy that develops with the customer through the creation of a unique piece.


Our goal has always been to create high quality jewellery in terms of both aesthetics and materials. We choose to bring the client’s dream to life through careful craftsmanship and the use of innovative equipment in a way that makes every desire perfectly wearable.


Driven by the desire to offer jewellery that is ever-more refined and original, Jacopo decided to deepen his knowledge of gems by enrolling in professional gemmology courses at the International Gemological Institute of Antwerp (IGI). He soon discovered that he had a real passion for precious stones, becoming aware of the countless variety of gems present in nature and their unique peculiarities.

At the end of his studies he obtained the qualification of Graduate Gemologist G.G., an internationally-recognized gemmologist.


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